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Who we are

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We are the first pure play social media & walled garden publisher.

We offer social media and walled garden solutions for advertising agencies and brands. Our media products combine platform inventory & placement options across 12 platforms with 1st party data from exclusive data partners, a truly agnostic cross-platform execution approach and dynamic creatives.

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What we do

What we Do

Social media marketing with precision and measurable impact.

So what is our value proposition for brands and agencies?

  1. Complexity reduction via productization and automation
  2. Agnostic, cross-plattform execution
  3. Precise targeting and media efficiency through 1st party data
  4. Predictable and planable campaign outcomes
  5. Verifiability and measurability and brand safety

How We Do It

how we do it

Our secret sauce.

We leverage all relevant digital and social media platforms and complement them with exclusive first-party data, our own tech stack and our in-house creative studio to achieve individual and guaranteed cross-platform media KPIs for brands and agencies - from brand building & awareness to interest, to intent and to the final transaction.

All relevant platforms.
We engage your audience where it spends 2.5 hours a day: on social media and popular walled gardens.
Exclusive first-party data.
We enhance on-platform targeting capabilities
through 1st party data from exclusive data partners.
Proprietary tech stack.
Our own tech stack enables us to offer guaranteed,
cross-platform media KPIs.
Dynamic Optimization.
We create, adapt,  personalize and serve the most relevant ad with our dynamic creative optimization engine.

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