How can parents be reached efficiently?

Challenge & Approach


Reaching the target group is quite a challenge, as it is highly competitive, the potential is comparatively small, and the really relevant users are often difficult to identify. Using actual purchase data, we were able to locate people who actively buy products that parents need in their daily lives. This reduced wastage and significantly increased the effectiveness of the campaign.


By using real purchase data from the REWE online store, STADA Consumer Health Germany opened up an exclusive and completely new possibility of addressing within a customer-specific target group.
By combining real purchase data with target-oriented playout strategies, the contact frequency was optimised in order to increase brand awareness and purchase intent i and purchase intent within the truly relevant target group increase.



Client's Quote

"We are thrilled with our first joint campaign results. They proof that REWE shopper data has an optimal target group fit for our Multilind brand to increase awareness in the relevant target group."
Viktoria Kott, Digital Marketing Manager, STADA Group
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