Cross-platform campaign execution and targeting

Challenge & Approach


Deichmann offers a wide range of products in various categories, from women's and children's shoes to sports apparel and fashion accessories.

The aim is to address these target groups individually and on all relevant walled gardens in order to increase brand awareness of Deichmann and to specifically increase the number of visitors to the web shop.

A "one-size fits all" media strategy and fixed channel budgets have so far often led to high media wastage and low budget efficiency.


Together with our partner OMD, we were able to develop cross-channel concepts for various product categories with individual creatives in over 20 jointly implemented campaigns.

One part of the campaigns was specifically designed to increase the number of visitors to the Deichmann webshop. The other part aimed to increase the time spent on the developed video assets and thus increase awareness for the brand. With the combination of addressing the right target group and target-oriented, cross-platform optimisation, the goals were effectively achieved and existing media benchmarks could be continuously improved.



Client's Quote

"To present the diversity of our products on social media, we use the expertise of for precise and efficient targeting. Addressing our target groups individually is an absolute priority for us. Together with and OMD, we can achieve this goal. Their flexibility and commitment to continuous improvement makes a partner we very much enjoy working with."
Süreyya Koca, Marketing Deichmann GmbH
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