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How do you speak the language of the coming generation of employees and position OTTO as a "young & dynamic employer brand" among pupils & students? Alongside the search for effective recruiting channels, this was the key challenge facing OTTO?


Social channels are often the digital "home port" and people up to 30 years old spend a large part of their time exactly here! Through the consistent use of Snapchat and Co. we have brought OTTO as an employer brand exactly here. With the "Talent Questionnaire", the target group was able to interact with OTTO the way they expect: interactive, dynamic, short & with their interests at the center! Employer Branding and recruiting for today's talents!



Client's Quote

"When addressing employer branding, we always keep the needs of the target groups in mind. Pupils and students want it to be concrete, authentic and close. With, we have succeeded in doing just that, meeting the target groups online where they are, and at the same time we were able to test new social media channels for ourselves."
Frauke Wengerowski, Senior HR Manager Human Resources Marketing, Otto GmbH & Co KG
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