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Three simple products.

We offer media products and services that fit your needs.

Out data-driven targeting powered by 1st party data.
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Our guarantee-based KPIs solution, offering result-based billing.
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Our social-ready ad solutions - dynamic and interactive.
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We target high-intent audiences through exclusive first-party
data-driven branding with two possible approaches:

Data- Driven- Branding
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We target high-intend audiences through exclusive1st party data.

Data-driven branding

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In times of privacy enforcement, app tracking transparency (ATT) and 3rd party cookie deprecation, cmmrcl.ly audience is our answer to the cookieless future of digital marketing.

Our exclusive partnerships with retailers and publishers allow us to tap into 1st party audiences and to create high-intent targeting segments that drive budget efficiency, increase marketing impact and solve a variety of media challenges.

Exclusive 1st Party audience and targeting data from >20 retailers, publishers and marketplaces.
Targeting based on real intent via the browsing & buying behavior of millions of consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Creation of customer individual targeting clusters for each brand, product or campaign goal.
Our Exclusive Partners
Data-driven Branding

Branding Campaign

Marketing Persona
Targeting Estimate
Branding Success?
Measure / Proof: 
Ad recall with non buyers?
Spray and pray

Data - Driven Branding

Target Audience
1st Party Audience
Data (Factual!)
Branding Success!
Measure / Proof: 
Unaided brand awareness
Brand favorability
Purchase intent
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Guaranteed media KPIs across the entire marketing funnel
with our following approaches:


We offer KPI-based buying across the marketing funnel.


Impr. + Views
Impr. + Compl. Views
Impr. + Clicks
Guaranteed media KPIs? How does it work? We guarantee outcomes by optimizing media budgets towards concrete and actionable outcomes. Delivering cross-platform best results. Guaranteed and effortless for you.

Powered by our proprietary tech stack, we run fully dynamic cross-platform campaigns - measurable and externally verifiable at every step of the way. We work closely with our agency clients to deliver the media KPIs that will complement their advertiser’s media plans.  

Challenge us, send us your briefings and benchmarks.

Interactive Ad Formats
User-centric, Dynamic.
Shoppable. Hyper-local. Interactive & Engaging.
Dynamic AdsInteractive Ads
We create social-first, interactive ad formats - user-centric, dynamic. shoppable, hyper-local. and highly engaging.

Dynamic Ads
Digital Circular Ads
Adaptive Ads
Hyperlocal Ads

Interactive Ads

Quiz Ads
Shoppable Ads
Gamification Ads
Experience AdsSee more
Stand out from the competition with cmmrcl.ly creative bundles  - our custom dynamic and interactive ad formats that are coupled with creation and media.

The opportunities are endless: digitise your weekly offers through our digital circulars, make your brand touchpoints “shoppable” through our shoppable ad format or drive local messaging and engagement with our hyperlocal ads. Off-platform we offer a range of interactive formats that will allow you to run quizzes or to create gamified experiences.

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